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Nic and Fiona tackle some of the most fun films of the 1960s in this full-color special edition! We're combining great food with fun movies! Featuring recipes, trivia and more! 


As an added bonus, we have an exclusive interview with actress Beverly Washburn- Elizabeth from "Spider Baby"! Not only that but Beverly has shared some of her favorite recipes and some exclusive photos from "Spider Baby" and some of her other film and television work!   

The book will be released in June 2020! However, you can pre-order your signed copy now!!! Pre-orders are $25 + shipping! Act now! 

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The B-Movie Cookbook


Hey friends and B-Movie Fans! Fiona and I are very proud to say that our new project: The B-Movie Cookbook! is complete. We got the idea when we were looking for a project to work on together that would be fun and really showcase our interests and talents.

Fiona is a keen amateur cook and food historian. She previously wrote A Culinary History of Kentucky. I’m a B-Movie fan and aficionado so we thought doing a cookbook that combined good food and B-Movies would be the way to go.

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