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These are some of my published works. Please take a look! 

The B-Movie Cookbook: 1950s


What's more fun than some of your favorite classic B-Movies from the 1950s? Enjoying them with some amazing food!

The B-Movie Cookbook brings you recipes inspired by 15 classic films like "The Blob", "Them", "The Thing From Another World" and more!

From snacks to fancy feasts the B-Movie Cookbook has something for everyone! So warm up the oven, turn on the TV and invite some friends over for B-Movie madness and some good eats! Giant ants, flying saucers, werewolves, and sea monsters are all on the menu when you tune in for fun!

Blood Sacrifice: A Werewolf for Hire Novel

ASIN: B0057P76IW

Michael Warren isn't your ordinary detective, he's a werewolf. With his partners, Tabitha and Sam Edwards (she’s a witch and he’s the I.T. guy), Michael takes on cases where the supernatural is the norm and it pays to be more than human.

When his partner's niece, a talented witch named Samara, is kidnapped, Michael must journey to England to try and save her. He discovers more than meets the eye as a fanatic tries to use Samara’s special magical abilities to bring an ancient goddess back into the world. Now it will take all of Michael’s human skills and his werewolf powers to stop what could be the beginning of the end for us all.

Blood Sacrifice is the second Werewolf for Hire novel

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Blood Curse: A Werewolf for Hire Novel


Michael Warren walks the line between the world we all know and the world of the supernatural. Specializing in handling problems that don't fit the normal mold, Michael deals with the things that go bump in the night. He's got his own edge in this game though... he's a werewolf.

When the hunt for a missing person leads him to the horse farms of Kentucky. Michael finds himself drawn into the web of a billionaire sheik with a secret of his own.

This time has Michael bitten off more than even a werewolf can chew?

Werewolves, Zombies & Leprechauns:
Tales From The World of Werewolf for Hire

ISBN-13: 978-1500705275

In a world where the supernatural is real, sometimes it pays to be more than human.... The world of Werewolf for Hire is full of people who are more than they seem and creatures that aren't what they appear to be. In these four stories journey into the hidden world of magic & myth under the surface of the modern world.


Before Michael Warren became a detective he was a young man forced to fight for honor & his life because of his love for the wrong woman. Find out what happens when an angry black magic practitioner and a few hundred of his closest dead friends show up seeking vengence on Sam & Tabitha Edwards (she's a witch & he's the I.T. guy). Meet Stu Boling, an average Joe whose encounter with an evil leprechaun changes his life forever. Then join Stu as he's recruited by a shadowy organization to put a stop to the deadlygoings on at a gentleman's club. Take a journey deeper into the world of Werewolf for Hire....

Lapdance cover.jpg
Stu Boling & The Lapdance of Death
A Novella From The World of Werewolf for Hire


Stu Boling is just a normal guy who wanted to grow up to be a policeman. That didn’t happen.

Instead he met an evil leprechaun that stuffed his head full of knowledge he shouldn’t have… knowledge of the world hidden within ours… the world of the supernatural.

Stu is just about at the end of his rope, unemployed and shy of prospects he’s hit a new low. But when a stranger comes knocking on his door things change. Soon Stu finds himself facing death in a most unlikely place- a strip club!

Stu is going to need more than a handful of dollar bills to get out of this one alive because at the Faster Pussycat strip joint the drinks are expensive, but a lap dance could cost you your life!

When The Bokor Calls
A Novella From The World of Werewolf for Hire


While Werewolf for Hire Michael Warren is working on another case, his partners, Tabitha and Sam Edwards (she’s a witch and he’s the I.T. guy) have their own job to do. Tabitha must complete a complex ritual to free six souls from the power of an evil voodoo witchdoctor, a Bokor. Only this Bokor has other ideas.

When the Bokor arrives with a small army of the undead at his service, it's up to Sam to stop him. Sam may not be werewolf and he may not have magical powers, but sometimes a little heart and a lot of bullets are all you need. Will that be enough this time?

"When the Bokor Calls" is a short story from the "Werewolf for Hire" series.

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