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About me, one of my favorite subjects!

I love movies, All types of movies. Some of my favorites are what most folks would call "B Movies". The films that would be the second feature of a double feature, or turn up on late night cable tv. My definition is a bit broader. I consider B Movies to be films that didn't make a splash in in the mainstream cinema world, but that are still good and worth watching...

and of course I include all the horror films & Scream Queen features I can find too!

Well, I think you can guess what some of my favorite hobbies are, but to tell you a bit about the rest of my life

  • I spent three years teaching English in Yamanashi Ken, Japan
    (I still even speak a little bit, but don't ask me to translate for you!)

  • I am a Black Belt in Shaolin-Kung Fu (but don't ask me to fight for you either!)

  • I love to ski, but Kentucky doesn't offer as many chances as I'd like in that respect.

  • I love to travel and have been to a number of places in Asia and Europe.
    My hope is to visit Australia and New Zealand in the near future.

  • I'm a big animal lover, especially dogs, click here to see some pics of my
    two pooches somewhere on this site before too long.

  • I finished my first novel in late 2007: "Blood Curse: Werewolf For Hire"
    My second Novel: "Blood Sacrifice: A Werewolf For Hire Novel" Came out

  • My love of movies led me to get into filmmaking. My IMDB page has the credits and you can see info about some of my movies here but here's the short list-​​

    • Screen Writer

    • Producer

    • Special thanks (from projects I put time or money into on the side)

    • Actor (yes being SWAT team member #3 and Hazmat suit guy #1 count) 

  • Finally, my tombstone will most likely say something about
    "it seemed like a good idea at the time" with regards to my passing.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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