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B-Movie Cast Episode 440- YOR: Hunter From The Future!

The B-Movie Cast is back again! This time we’re getting our furry-80s loin clothes out and tackling “YOR: Hunter from the Future”. As the theme song tells you he’s a man of mystery and always on the run, but we caught up with him! Joining Mary and Nic is Dr. Adrian Smith. He’s back because he wasn’t happy with just 89 minutes worth of English language YOR- nope, he found the 210-minute-long, 4 part, Italian miniseries that was the original running length of this film!

So if you have an urge to see actor Reb Brown run through the desert and fight really slow, awkwardly moving dinosaurs then you’re in luck with this episode! But be warned, Reb Brown’s voice will occasionally comment on the show with his famous ‘cover up the burp’ line from the film! So grab a beer, heat up that TV dinner and sit back and enjoy the B-Movie Cast’s take on “YOR: Hunter from the Future” and while you’re at it, think about which of the sports you want to try out in the YOR-Olympics!

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