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Ray Harryhausen's 100th Birthday B-Movie Cast Special 2 part Episode!

Ladies and Gentlemen and mutants of all persuasions welcome to our very special two-part 450th episode! Mary and Nic are joined by some exciting guests. Fan-favorite Mark Mawston stops by along with filmmaker and Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation trustee John Walsh! In honor of film effects legend Ray Harryhausen’s 100th birthday, we’re looking at Ray’s last feature film “Clash of the Titans”. This film features some of Ray’s most celebrated creations including Medusa and The Kraken! John and Mark share personal stories from their relationships with Ray. John also shares with us two rare audio clips, original test submissions from composer John Barry for the movie’s orchestral score.  

In part two, Juan joins Mary and Nic to celebrate the 450th episode, give away prizes for this episode’s contest and check out our listener feedback!  

So grab a beverage, pop some corn and get ready for the biggest episode of the B-Movie cast yet!

Here are some links to John’s work, The Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation, and a few more! 

John Walsh 

Harryhausen The Lost Movies

The Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation 

Flash Gordon: The Official Story of the Film

Peter Wyngarde as “Jason King” – maybe you would like to take the “Jason King Test” ! :

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